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123 EAST STREET | SAULT STE. MARIE ONTARIO P6A 3C7 | (705) 942-9494 | FAX (705) 942-7454
MGP Architects • Engineer Inc. was incorporated in 2002, and traces its roots back to 1948.  Our firm is the successor to Gugula • Smedley • Mezzomo • Architects Inc. (GSM).  The directors of the firm are:     Gordon Mezzomo, who joined GSM as a partner in 1975,     Denis Gregoire, a 10-yr employee of GSM; partner in 1999,     Wayne Mezzomo a 17 year employee of GSM; partner in 1999,     Henry Pietrzakowski; partner in 1999,     Elio Principe; partner in 2002
Our completed projects become a place that all participants call their own . . . MGP Architects • Engineer Inc. approaches every project with the latest in technology, develops solutions that are cost effective, and responds to the unique sensitivities of site and Client. Together, we are capable of exploring ideas with you to insure that the best and imaginative solutions are achieved for you!
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